International Exchange

Academic Exchange with Cross-cultural Experience

Full-scale cultural and linguistic immersion is one of the defining elements of the program and can be achieved through cross-cultural exchange. Linguistic abilities and cross-cultural knowledge are among the features most appreciated by recruiting companies, alongside a grasp of management theory and practice.

Students are guaranteed to go on exchange to a CEMS member school abroad in either Term 1 or Term 2. “Abroad” is defined as outside the student’s home school where their bachelor’s degree was delivered or their home country. Students can choose from CEMS’ network of elite member schools in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Students are advised to select a list of preferred exchange schools upon accepting the admission offer, and their exchange opportunity will be assigned according to their priority in the preference list. There is normally one exchange slot in each member school in each term, but the slot may vary from zero to two places in each term or year. The Program Office and the respective member schools reserve the final right to finalize the exchange result.


  • The HKUST MIMT Program Office gives the liberty for students to pick their preferred exchange school only at the time of accepting the admission offer. It is the students’ responsibility to make sure that their listed choices are based on their evaluation of the schools and their priority of preference. Any changes of choices will not be entertained once submitted and when the exchange school is assigned.
  • Exchange allocation will be processed and announced after the second phase of application. Applicants from the third phase of application will not have priority on exchange school selection, and exchange allocation will depend on the availability of exchange seats left after the first two phases. Besides, only applications with complete set of application materials will be considered.
  • The HKUST MIMT Program Office assigns the exchange opportunity by taking consideration from various aspects in order to widen students’ international exposure towards different cultures and communities, in which they might probably not have experienced before. The various aspects for careful consideration include the students’ holistic background, interview performance, preferred school term for exchange, students’ priority of exchange school in the preference list, overall student demand for particular exchange schools, available exchange slot in each school, etc..
  • Since CEMS advocates a balance of students going to each member school in each school term, there is only a limited number of seats in each school and in each term. Please note that some of the exchange schools are in extremely high demand, but there is no way to accommodate the request of all students to one school. If all the choices in the student’s preference list are already filled up by other students with better qualification/performance, the HKUST MIMT Program Office has no choice but to assign student to another CEMS school with available seats. Students fail to complete the International Exchange will lead to forbiddance of graduation from HKUST and CEMS.

Student Exchange Experience

Jenny GAO

Exchange School: UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland

During my exchange period at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in Ireland, I was lucky to be chosen to do a business project at Oracle EMEA Center which helped me to understand the real business world. We have finally proposed an integrated platform for them to achieve best practices in Business Relationship Management.

Besides, I have also participated many impressive events, such as Smurfit Ball, St. Patrick Day, Alumni Party, Hiking at Wicklow Mountain and Graduation Trip. Ireland is an amazing country with beautiful landscape and lovely people. During the exchange, I have made new friends worldwide and experienced fresh new things in life. I really appreciate the time spent in this lovely country.


Exchange School: Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University, Russia

Living Russia is a life changing experience. It is almost impossible to understand such an intricate and long-lived culture without being fully immerse into it. The GSOM CEMS club is active on a day-to-day basis, organizing corporate events, talk with local business leaders and social events. The CEMS white knights is one of the most important events in the whole CEMS community and offers the opportunity to explore St. Petersburg guided by locals with the sun shining 24hrs a day, educative and impressive at the same time.

I would suggest everyone to visit Russia at least once, better if on a long term to deeply explore one of the most intriguing culture filled with some of the most welcoming and warm people in the world.

Sally YANG

President of CEMS Club Hong Kong
Exchange School: Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands

RSM has everything you want to learn about business and management. Many professors in CEMS here have working experience in outstanding companies such as IBM, ING and BCG. The classmates here are keen on academics but are also crazy about interesting social events. CEMS Club RSM ranks top in Europe in offering their CEMSies unforgettable exchange experience and networking opportunities. Of course, apart from study and having fun with friends, the Netherlands is a fantastic country with lovely tulips, nice people and amazing views where you will enjoy a lot during your exchange term.